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Six months ago, we conducted a survey to get feedback from all of you to see areas where you thought the league was excelling and areas where you thought the league could improve. We received responses from over 50 percent of the league's players! The FMHL Leadership Team is very appreciate of the feedback and we are taking steps to make changes which we believe will positively impact the league. Here is a list of some of the items we're addressing:


  • Request for hockey skills training: In partnership with the City of Findlay Recreation Department, we offered two sets of learn-to-skate classes over the summer and are offering one this fall (You can still register by calling the Cube). The fall class is being led by two members of the league. Players who participated in the class(es) have shown noticeable improvement in their skating abilities.
  • Make scoresheets available on the website: Game stats are now available on the website. You can get to them by going to your league page and clicking on a game on the schedule. However, once a scoresheet has been submitted, it WILL NOT be changed.
  • Make stat tables sortable and filterable: All stat tables are now both sortable and filterable, making it easier to find the information you're looking for. Additionally, a Team Profile page has been added so that you can pull up all the stats for each individual team. You can get to this page from the menu or by clicking on your team from the Standings table of the league page.
  • Add a player profile page: A new Player Profile page has been added to the website where you can get to know the other players in the league and browse their historical stats. We will be taking everyone's picture during the first few weeks of the season. If you would like to update your information, you can submit a form using the link on the page. You can get to this page from the menu or by clicking on a person's name from one of the tables on the league pages.
  • Provide more historical stats: At the time the webpage was published last year, we only had historical stats from the fall of 2013 forward. After many hours of data entry, we now have historical stats entered from the summer of 1997 forward. These stats can be found on the Historical Stats page and will show up on your Player Profile page.
  • Regularly change the pictures: Instead of having one picture on the website, most pages have a unique picture on them. Hopefully your picture will show up at some point!
  • Show the latest scores on the homepage: A new scrollable score bar has been added to the top of the hompage with the latest completed and upcoming games. This bar will also be showing the score of games that are in progress.
  • Make the website more mobile friendly: An attempt was made to make the website mobile friendly last year, but the text was often too small to read. The mobile version of the site has been updated to be more mobile friendly without losing the functionality of the desktop version of the site.
  • Improve the subbing process: In the past, all sub requests were sent to the Sub Coordinator (currently Mike Yeo) and then an email went out to everyone in the league with the available sub spots. We updated the process over the summer and had great success with it, so we'll continue using this process in the upcoming season. All sub requests need to be submitted on the website by filling out the appropriate Sub Request Form. Players are then able to see all open sub spots on the website and fill insert their name on the form to request the spot (emails will still be send out). These requests will be either approved or denied by the Sub Coordinator. More information about this process can be found on the Subbing Page on the website.
  • Request to stop teams from stacking subs: More scrutiny will be given to the requested subs to try to avoid teams stacking their subs. This may mean that you are denied your request to sub from time to time depending on the skill level of the player you are replacing and your ability to control the outcome of the game.
  • Request for league apparel: We have ordered beanies with an updated league logo which we will be passing out to all players during the first couple weeks.



Here is some of the feedback we received from the survey detailing areas where you all thought the league was excelling:


  • Have fun: This is a recreation hockey league. We're not competing for the Stanley Cup (although that would be pretty awesome). Therefore, our primary goal is that you all have a fun time playing in the league. And your feedback indicated that overall, you all had fun!
  • Communication: Overall, you all thought the communication was much improved over prior seasons. We will be continuing to send automated emails with upcoming games and open sub spots.
  • Website: Although we've made a lot of improvements to the website, overall you all thought the website was much improved and appreciated the instant stat updates.
  • Subbing process: On the whole, you all thought our subbing process last year was improved. Two of the specifics were posting the sub spots on the website and having one single point of contact. With the additional tweaks we've made to it in the offseason, we think you'll like it even more this season.

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