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We have been working hard in the offseason to make improvements to the website so that you can get access to the data you've requested. So here is a list of some of the changes that have been made to the website:


  • Sortable and filterable stat tables: All stat tables are now both sortable and filterable, making it easier to find the information you're looking for. Most tables include one or more filter boxes above the table where you can type or select the information you want to see. To sort a table, click on the heading of the column you want to sort. For example, if you want to see who's the biggest goon in the league, you can click the column heading for PIM to see who has the most penalty minutes.
  • Subbing: In the past, we were seriously lacking information on the website about the process we wanted you to follow for requesting subs and open sub spots. We have now created a separate subbing page which details every step of the process. We've also changed the process so that you no longer email the Sub Coordinator, but instead, fill out a form to both request a sub and to request an open sub spot. These requests will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Sub Coordinator. For more information, see the Subbing page.
  • Clickable tables: Most of the tables on the website are now clickable, meaning that clicking on a row will take you to another page on the site with more information about the content of the row. For example, if you click on a person's name on the stats table, you will be taken to that person's Player Profile page. Or if you click on a game from the schedule, you'll be taken to that game's stats page.
  • Scoresheets: Game stats are now available for you to view on the website. You can get to them by going to your league page and clicking on a game on the schedule. Note that once a scoresheet has been submitted, it WILL NOT be changed.
  • Team Profile page: We've added a Team Profile page where you can view all the stats for each individual team. Included with this page is the introduction of team logos. If you have the logo for your team and would like it displayed, please email it to Matthew using the link below. You can access the Team Profile page from the menu or by clicking on a team from the Standings table of the league page.
  • Player Profile page: We've added a Player Profile page where you can get to know the players. Profiles of active players will include pictures and a little bit of personal information such as where they're from, when they started playing in the FMHL, and where they work. To update the photos, we'll be taking everyone's picture during the first few weeks of the season. To update your profile information, click the button on the page and fill out the accompanying form. We'll review your requested updates and add them to the website within a couple days. You can get to the Player Profile page from the menu or by clicking on a person's name from one of the tables on the league pages.
  • Historical stats: When we built the website last year, we only had historical stats from the fall of 2013 forward. After many hours of data entry, we now have historical stats entered from the summer of 1997 forward. Using the sort and filter features of the tables, you can analyze the data in a variety of ways. For example, if you want to see the B league scoring leader board from the Winter of 2018, go to the Scoring Stats By Season table and select the 2018 Winter season from the drop-down season filter. Then sort the table by league.
  • Scores on homepage: We've added a scrollable score bar to the top of the hompage with the latest completed and upcoming games. This bar will also be showing the score of games that are in progress.
  • Leader boards on homepage: When the season starts, you will notice a leader board on the homepage for the scoring leaders and goaltending leaders. These tables will be updated instantly as games are completed.
  • Mobile friendly: With all these updates, the website is even more mobile friendly than it was last year while maintaining the same functionality as the desktop version of the site.

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